Marilú Capín de Aguilar
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Some of her poems have been included in the following anthologies and books of poetry:

-          Antologia Poetica Hispano-Americana (Vol.2) 1984 Edit. Hispania

-          107 Poetas Cubanos del Exilio (1988) Editorial LIL.SA

-          AMERICANTO (1988) El editor interamericano (Buenos Aires) Argentina

-          Son de Sonetos (1989) El editor interamericano (Argentina)

-          Poetas Hispanoamericanos Contemporaneos (1989) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Antologia de Poetas Cubanos (1989) Edit. LIL, SA

-          Patria Plural (1990) El editor interamericano (Argentina)

-          Poetisas Cubanas Contemporaneas (1990) Ed. Corripio

-          Suma de Amor (1991) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          El Alba del Hombre (1991) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Sonetario Cubano (1992) Ed. Corripio (Sto. Domingo)

-          Guirnalda Poetica (In honor of the poet Maria Elena Cruz Varela)

            In 1993, the community of poets in Miami, Florida compiled a poetic tribute to Ms. Varela and dedicated this to her.  The acrostic poem written by Marilu Capin de Aguilar was read on one of the radio stations in Florida regarding this book.

-          Los Pasajeros del Arca (1994) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Lirica del Exilio Cubano (1994) Edit. Corrupio (Dominican Republic)

-          Cuba la Cercana Lejania (1995) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Guitarras del Exilio Cubano (1995) Poetic Academy of Miami

-          El Ambito de la Rosa (1995) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Libro de Bitacora (1996) El Editor Interamericano (Argentina)

-          Perfiles de Maceo (1996) Poetic Academy of Miami

-          Various Works of her poetry have been published by the newspaper “Diario de las Americas” Miami, Florida, as well as the magazine SINALEFA, New York, New York



Books/ single author collections

-          Un Pincel en el Alba (1993) Ediciones Universal  Miami, Florida – her first book of poetry

-          Recordando a Mi Madre (2003) self-published collection of poetry

-          Sembrando Claridades (2006) self-published collection of Christmas poetry

-          Azules Reflejos  (2008)  Eagle Lithographers, Miami, FL

-          She is currently at work on her third book, a collection of poems in Spanish with their corresponding English translations.

PRESENTLY she is working on 3 poetry projects:

Voces y Silencios (bilingual)

Ventanas al Mar (Spanish)

Cuba Suspira (Spanish)



       -   Member of the "PEN CLUB DE ESCRITORES CUBANOS EN EL EXILIO" since September 21st, 2013. 

       -    On July 15, 1995 she was inducted as Member of Number of the Academy of Poetry of Miami.  She made her presentation on the life and works of the Cuban Poet Dulce Maria Loynaz (1902-1997), after having had the honor to speak with her prior to preparing for her discussion.  

       -     Member of the “Club Cultural de Miami ATENEA” and collaborated in CARTA LIRICA, a poetry publication edited by the laureate poet Francisco Henriquez.  Her poems have often been included in this publication.

      -      Member of the CIRCULO DE CULTURA PANAMERICANO,  at the invitation of the writer and poet Rafael Bordao, Director of SINALEFA, a very important magazine of International Literature and Art.  She attended their Summer Congress for several years, and was honored with a selection of her poems to be read at said sessions, as well as appearing in their annual published compilation of poems.

     -       Inclusion in all the books that CALIOPE edited and distributed in Europe and USA for many years.  The director of the Literary Organization CALIOPE was the famous poet Eliana Onetti.

    -       Yearly inclusion of her Nativity poem in the magazine SE LUZ.

    -       Honored by the Spanish Embassy in Washington several years ago for her Nativity Poem

    -       This POET does not normally participate in literary contests as she considers her work very personal and totally free. The author has been a longtime advocate for human rights and for the freedom or her homeland, Cuba.

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